Hello and welcome to my wordpress account. My name is Andy and this account will be divoted to my ongoing learning and experiences with home brewing Beer, wine, and various spirits. Most of the time I brew during the fall and winter months (September – March) in preparation for the summer drinking months (May – August).

I enjoy brewing beers more than I do wines and spirits, but they are all enjoyable. I have been brewing for about a year now. I enjoy home brewing because of the appreciation that I get from pleasing others with my creations. It is wonderful to see people and the look on their faces when you create a beverage that is pleasing and “Hits the spot,” at that moment in their evening. Amid, I have created some botched brews, and they tasted horrible, however, the learning experience tops all and I have learned from my mistakes, creating a brews that now tantalize the taste buds of the consumer, opening new doors and experience for me and the people who enjoy my creations.

I strive to learn, and will continue to learn about brewing and making various brewing recipes that will explore the goods that out earth has to offer. I hope to share these experiences with all of you that wish to share the journey with me.


One thought on “About

  1. JGlav says:

    I agree with your assessment of pleasing others with the creations. I just started all grain from brewing with extracts for a year. I brew with three other neighbors and brew day is always a great time. I bet it’s the same feeling Chefs have as they watch patrons consume their dishes! Cheers

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