Flexible Wheat Beer GA10071 Notes

The first day of the 2013 brewing season it was a rainy early fall; the environment cool and comfortable for brewing. The recipe I chose was my flexible wheat beer GA10071 (German Ale 1007 version 1). This recipe I have morphed from a base recipe I found on the internet. The color I expected to be in the SRM of 3.8, but I forgot that I used Dark wheat instead of Belgium wheat, so I have an SRM of 6.8.

Flexible wheat beer GA10071Mashing went very well, no hassles or issues. However, I did have an equipment issue when transferring the mash to the mash tun, in order to sparge. I had to use a food grade bucket (my bottling bucket) to pour the first mash run off into, while the sparge water was coming to tempature. It was a tedious process, but I will be getting another pot for boiling or mashing, in the near future. The new mashing tun (igloo water cooler) worked great! Definitely a great item to have for mashing. Due to the rain, it was easy to clean the mash tun and the bottling bucket, I kept them wet in the rain.

After the mash, I noticed a “gray puss,” on top of the spent grains. I have no clue what that was, but brushed that off as possibly something I didn’t need. I posted the question on to home brew talk for an answer.

As for the primary fermentation period, that has just starred and progressing nicely. I will be posting another entry later on in the week.

Happy brewing!


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