Flexible Wheat Beer GA10071 Notes — update 1

Well this is day three of the Fermentation period and the violent fermentation as subsided. I now am a little concerned as to why the fermentation has quit so early in the primary fermentation period.

My only thoughts to this is due to

  1. Stuck Fermentation – where as the temperature has gone out of the working range the yeast requires or the yeast has died for some sort of reason.
  2. Infection – highly unlikely but not completely off the table. i may have mold or some other wild yeast growing in the fermenter. Today, I will have to crack the bung off of the fermenter and check to see if their is a stench other than what is expected, coming from the drink 😛
  3. I am imaging things and all is progressing as it should be – 90% probable as this is the best answer. I will check the SG tonight and see what is going on.

Fermentation on Sunday was very violent and making a lot of gurgling. On Monday morning there was hardly any action at all. I may also place an airlock back onto the fermenter and remove the blow-off tube.

More to come!


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