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Flexible Wheat Beer GA10071 — update 2

It has been about two weeks since I last posted update 1. None the less the beer has been phenomenal! After I tested the Specific gravity a few days I noted that Specific gravity has not decreased in value and hinted that fermentation was done.

With that, I decided to put the brew under immediate carbonation until fully carbonated. The taste of the beer left me with displeasure as it hinted no alcohol or any kick like my K25651 brew. I feared that I may have been hesitant and too hastily in savoring the flavor.

For a week, GA10071 stayed under carbonation and slowly began to mature. As of now, the beer is changing flavor and the patience of waiting and allowing time to do it’s job is really what was needed.

I will keep an eye on this brew and provide further details as it progresses.




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