Flexible wheat beer variation concept

I remember when I started brewing that I didn’t know where to start. I toyed with the idea of jumping in head first and brewing a stout. Not knowing what I was doing, I actually created a flat, black mess. Of course, it had a chocolate after note, but it was just “Barley-water.”

Noting my poor attempt at oral seduction through a flat, noncarbonated drink, I went back to the drawing board (of course, while I had 5 gallon of wine bubbling away) and found a general recipe that I was intrigued with. I later that week gave the recipe a try and followed the instructions exactly. I was blessed with an awesome brew and was happy!

From then on, I had a base recipe that I use to this day to create my creations. So far, three successful variations have been created from it and a fourth in development.

Lesson learned: Don’t rush into something without thinking it through.


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